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March 28, 2011 / wooddoghouses

Two Happy Customers In One

Jason successfully get Marvel in his new dog house.  We are pleased to announce that Marvel now enjoys his home with out the help of Jason!!!

January 26, 2011 / wooddoghouses

Pet Squeak Press Release

Pet Squeak has granted as the first Authorized Retailer.  Pet Squeak is an up and coming manufacture of Wood Dog Houses with a little flare.  He is a little information about Pet Squeak:

Pet Squeak

Pet Squeak Dog Houses

The Pet Squeak Mission is simple:  Provide Top Quality, Affordable and safe products for your pets.  Pet squeak products utilize only non-toxic, durable materials.  A multi-stage quality control process ensures Pet Squeak products are  truly “Top Notch.”

Since 1996, Pet Squeak’s organization has provided creative, high-quality products all over the globe.  Because our company supplies most national retailers,  our products meet the most rigorous quality standards in the marketplace.

As a leading online retailer of specialty shops, GJM LLC is very excited to partner with Pet Squeak on this new site.  Look for new designs from Pet Squeak in the near future.

January 26, 2011 / wooddoghouses

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

January 25, 2011 / wooddoghouses

Arf Frame Dog House from Pet Squeak

Pet Squeak’s flagship model, the Arf Frame is available in 4 sizes:

This basic wood dog house has all the comforts of home for your furry friend.  Here what Pet Squeak has to say:

The Arf Frame Dog House is a Real Wood Home for your woofer. One of Pet Squeak’s most popular Dog Houses, the Arf-Frame provides your pet their own comfortable habitat. The Arf Frame Dog House is a “Close Fitting” habitat for many breeds of dog who prefer a tighter den. If your dog requires more space, consider purchasing this house in the next larger size. Please compare listed dimensions to the size of your pet.
About Pet Squeak
Pet Squeak Wood Dog Houses are designed to be Affordable, Durable, Easy to Assemble, and Comfortable for your pet. The Primary Wood in Pet Squeak Dog Houses is Cunninghamia Lanceolata, commonly referred to as “White Cedar” or “Stained Whitewood.” This special wood is renowned for it’s strong fresh aroma, pest resistance, and appearance. Most of our Wood Dog Houses ship right to your door via UPS or FedEx and require only the assembly of a few panels, normally taking only 20-45 minutes until your pet has their “Own Place.”


  • Easy Assembly
  • Fir Construction (White Cedar)
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Solid Wood
  • Raised Floor
  • Naturally Weather-Resistant
  • Non Toxic
Weight is the easiest factor in determining the appropriate dog house size, but factors such as breed traits and personality may also be factors.  In general, dogs prefer domains that are slightly larger than their body and just large enough to lay down and turn around comfortably.  Pet Squeak Dog Houses are generally available in 4 sizes:  XS, S, M, and L.    Please refer to the table below for weights and sizes.

XS Up to 25 Lbs Chihuahua
S 26-40 Lbs Beagle
M 41-70 Lbs Australian Shepherd
L 71-90 Lbs Golden Retriever

It’s important to note that most dogs actually prefer a habitat that is very close to their actual body size, offering them a sense of security.  While the Dog house may appear tight by human standards, dogs actually tend to be comfortable in tighter, more enclosed spaces.

Certain Pet Squeak Dog Houses tend to run on the “tight” side, so if your dog is on the border of a weight category, you may want to choose the next size up.